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Dry carpet cleaning powder

Dry Gard

Dry carpet cleaning powder12kg. 18kg.

Advanced formula, professional dry carpet cleaning power (sponges).

Biodegradable and safe to use on all types of carpet and fabric including wool.

DryGard is a high quality, natural organic product, moistened with exclusive, safe cleaning agents, an integral biocide and fragrance.

DryGard will deep clean, deodorize and greatly reduce dust mite allergens and other harmful bacteria and is safe to use on all types of carpets including wool.

Early on we recognised that not only did Drygard dry cleaning powders need to clean carpets but also during the cleaning process capture the soiling so it could be safely removed. We looked at the many various ways of carrying the cleaning ingredients to the carpet and found that the best way was to use a natural fibre powder which not only proved to be the most efficient but also the least harmful to the environment. These fibres acted like tiny sponges and were very efficient at absorbing dirt particles once agitated using the scrubbing machine. The sponges (fibre powder) were also very efficient at carrying the cleaning agent and the integrated biocide to the carpet and once distributed excellent at releasing the cleaning agents and capturing the dirt, drying time is virtually instant once the cleaning method is finished and the powder can be easily vacuumed up.

To compliment our Drygard dry carpet cleaning powder we have also developed a range of pre sprays and stain removers designed for particular cleaning problems.

Since 1993 we have continued to improve our cleaning products to a very high standard which is recognised the world over. Our Drygard dry powder carpet cleaning product in particular has been very successful and continues to grow despite the economic down turn. Our packaging has been carefully introduced to give an easy and secure way of preserving our Drygard powder in both cleaning ability and fragrance not to mention we are the only manufacturer to use two liners in each of our tubs making it easier to distribute if two cleaners are using the same tub.

Vacuum carpet thoroughly to remove loose soiling. Prepare heavily stained areas or traffic lanes with a light application of the appropriate prespray, Pro-Active, SprayGard or Spray & Clean.

Apply DryGard by hand or applicator at approximately 1kg per 20 sq metres.

Machine brush in all directions and leave for 15 – 20 minutes then vacuum carpet thoroughly to leave carpets clean, fresh, revived and dry.

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