Titan is an oxygen release formulation with a trace element activator.

A professional two part, high powered stain remover from Carpet Gards range of carpet cleaning products formulated to remove coffee stains, tea stains blood, wine, and water marks and highly effective even on old dried stains.

Powerful Specialist stain remover, a two part oxidising formulation activator, specifically developed for really stubborn stains.
Part 1 has been developed as the activator.
Part 2 has been developed as the oxidising agent.
When mixed in equal parts it becomes a remarkable stain remover.
It can be used on carpets and most fabrics. Also excellent for removal of bodily staining on mattresses.

Whether the stain is wet or dry Titan will release it. It is designed especially for tea, coffee, blood, urine and any water marks. Spray on and see the stain disappear.

Not suitable for wool or anything with a wool content.

Available only in: 2 x 5litre (10 litre kit)
Wear gloves (provided) and eye protection.




Powerful specialist stain remover.