A high strength solvent stain remover.




Designed for use on the toughest stains, Solvastain is the ultimate solution to breaking down solvent soluble stains that wont budge with our other more eco-friendly stain removers. 


A powerful blend of fast drying solvents effective on oil, tar, grease, various adhesives, oil based paints and many other solvent soluble stains.




  • Before using, test for colour fastness on an inconspicuous part.
  • Apply with a sprayer or with a clean white cloth but try not to over wet.
  • Agitate towards the centre of the stain with a soft brush or a white clean
    cloth. Blot away with a clean white cloth.
  • Do not mix with water or any other chemicals

Available in: 1L bottle, 5L and 25L containers.

Product Features