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Carpet Guard

About Us

CarpetGard provide effective and economical solutions to the everyday problems of carpet care.

Founded in 1992 and soon established as the leading UK manufacturer of dry carpet cleaning compounds (sponges) our research and development has worked very closely with leading professional carpet cleaners to produce a range of very high performance carpet care products and continues to do so to develop new and innovative products.

Our new all in one carpet machine has undergone recent development to incorporate up to date technology and is full of unique innovations to give superb results and make carpet cleaning easier and even faster. The new CarpetGard carpet machine will pre-vacuum to remove loose dirt and debris while it lifts and untangles matted fibres to allow full penetration of cleaning agents. Cleaning agents are effectively agitated between the fibres allowing stains, soiling, allergens, dust mites and bacteria to be dealt with directly. The final vacuum has a powerful pile lifting action to leave the carpet superbly clean and the appearance totally enhanced.

Although our remit is to promote dry and low moisture carpet cleaning as the fastest, safest, most effective and convenient method of carpet cleaning we recognize the need to have alternative cleaning methods in your armory, our stain removers and pre-sprays are used extensively by contractors that use a variety of other systems.

For this reason we developed our multi use Pro-Active as a green product that is a highly effective stain remover, a neutral pre-spray that will not compromise the main cleaning agent and a safe deep cleaning agent diluted into a soil extractor tank. So you won?t need a dozen different carpet cleaning chemicals on your shelf .

As well as offering high quality products we work closely with our customers to provide our full support, not just the best and most effective products but at realistic prices, fast, reliable delivery and a technical team to help with advice whenever needed.

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