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Spray & Clean - dry carpet cleaning chemicals

5L Concentrate. 4 per case. Ph 8.5, with an optional deodorizer.

Spray and CleanA fast drying, low moisture stain and soil absorber

Biodegradable low moisture carpet cleaning chemical, safe to use on all types of carpet and fabric including wool.

Safe and powerful carpet and fabric cleaner with an integral biocide to control dust mite allergens and other harmful bacteria and an optional deodorizing fragrance.

Spray & Clean will deep clean carpets by detaching the stains and soiling that it absorbs as it fast dries. The residue can then easily be vacuum away.

Method 1, Spray and brush.

Vacuum carpets thoroughly to remove loose soiling.

Dilute with up to 10 parts water and apply by sprayer, do not over wet. Machine brush in all direction and leave to dry. Vacuum thoroughly to leave carpets clean, fresh, revived and dry.

Method 2, Bonnet buff.

Vacuum carpet thoroughly to remove loose soiling.

Dilute with up to 5 parts water into the tank of the rotary buffer or apply directly to the carpet by pressure sprayer. Lightly dampen the bonnet pad before use. After buffing allow to dry and vacuum thoroughly.

Upholstery cleaning.

Spray and clean is a safe and effective upholstery cleaner, after testing for colour fastness apply by pressure sprayer and agitate with a soft brush or cloth, leave for 5 minutes and wipe with a clean damp white cloth.

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