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Carpet GuardWhy Dry Carpet Cleaning?

There are very few instances where dry carpet cleaning is not safer, more effective or economical than wet extraction, in our extensive experience only extremely greasy carpets may prove difficult as grease is not easily absorbed by organic particles.

These are some of the many benefits in using a CarpetGard dry or low moisture system to clean carpets.



  • Just one easy transport machine needed and the cleaning agents
  • No need to carry a heavy extractor, vacuum and dryer onto site
  • No need to fetch clean water and wait for it to heat up or empty the dirty water
  • No need to remove furniture or stand it on pads
  • Dry cleaning is easy and safe and highly effective
  • Carpet pile is lifted, deep cleaned and revived with greatly enhanced appearance
  • Dust mite allergens and other harmful bacteria are greatly reduced
  • No risk of carpet shrinkage
  • No after smell of dampness
  • No risk of wicking
  • No sticky residue left to cause re-soiling.
  • Carpets can be frequently cleaned with no detriment to carpet fibres
  • Small areas or spots can be cleaned with no risk of bubbling or damage
  • Carpets are ready to walk on immediately
  • No need to clean carpets at unsociable times to allow for drying


So many reasons why with Carpetgard dry carpet cleaning systems, its time to think dry.

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